Research re: How to “make money in publishing” & Community

Interesting reading and listening from Sonya Mann, from Sonya, Supposedly and Exolymph (for you cyberpunk completionists). Lots of great discussion re: independent online hustling and where things are going. Feels good, as Sonya’s frank discussion of marketing is galvanizing, since the ad-man is often the bad-man. Interesting to see it as a transparent topic in an intellectual environment. Maybe it’s just the format of the “Hustlers” series, or maybe just an exceptional case study.

Lots to think on re: how to grow the site, and I think it starts with the community.

Early this morning (late last night), I chatted with the first “stranger” in the Discord. Vermidian, or “Vermi” seems like a great addition to the mix, as he’s got a big interest in the cyberpunk music scene. I told him to go after it. Welcome to the mix.

We took a poll in the Facebook group to see if anyone is interested in a cyberpunk reading group. Laura & Andii said they’d be willing to lead it. We’ve had somewhere around 15 responses, so we’ll ask them to join in on Discord and start the chat there. I need to consider the other community areas (Minotaur, Signal, Telegram, etc.) and whether they are better suited for our needs.